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What is metal plating?

When metal is deposited on a conductive surface, it's called plating. Plating is a method of surface covering that has been performed for hundreds of years. Today, modern technology depends on it.

What are the benefits of plating?

  • Improves solderability

  • Used to decorate objects

  • Inhibits corrosion

  • Improve wearability

  • Reduces friction

  • Improves paint adhesion

  • Alters conductivity

  • Improves IR reflectivity for radiation shielding

Understanding the basics of plating

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Our Plating Services Include:

  • Electroplating with Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Brass, & Zinc

  • Clear, Yellow, or Black Zinc Options

  • Buffing of Metal Surfaces

  • Polishing of Metal Surfaces

  • Metal Surface Prep which includes stripping of old plating and repair of damaged metal